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My second account on DA. Mostly focuses on TLK fanart and works related to the franchise.I should make mention now that its because of this that won't likely be active all the time. So if I poof away and you don't hear from me, it's likely because I'm busy in real life. If you want more regular updates, check my main account.
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Kyon Comments: Lion Guard
Season 2 Episodes 10 : Ukumbusho Tradition
First thoughts: Oh boy, got off the ball but I’m back for more Lion Guard viewing. This time we go into an episode involving something. I don’t know much other then it has something to do with the first guard member and the elephants. Got me. Well it sounds interesting and I’m always up for more lore building. And this season has proven to be most good and surprising so I’m optimistic. We’ll see won’t we.
- And we start with elephants getting cleaned up and organized for an event, even complaining about a rock being dirty. Don’t you live outdoors, you know in nature were dirt is natural? I don’t think the writers thought of that. XD
- And we get some exposition from Kion. Thank you sir.
- OH Makini gets to do painting of the elephants for the ceremony. Girls moving up in the world, I’m so proud. :’3
- Oh so the guard are going to play parts. That will be neat and a nice break from the action they normally see.
- Wow, good to see the guard so excited. Don’t hurt yourself rushing to get involved. XD
- Ah, Mtoto’s back  . . .please don’t make him another well meaning but obstructing difficulty for the guard, I’m getting tired of those.
- Oh Makini, I identify with you so much. Painting is hard.
- Ah Makini’s learning, sweet babe.
- Oh my lord Kion’s “adult voice” is flipping hilarious. Just no words. XD
- Oh good Timon and Pumbaa are here . . .I’m so excited.
- Wait, they’re staying on for the episode, oh dear I’m scared.
- “Traditionally the Lion guard has been made of lions.” . . . Oh you’re THAT EPISODE.
- Oh I can’t paint you to look like lions . . .” Wait no, what are you doing? Lion Guard I don’t think you understand the themes you are not capable of handling. ABORT MISSION.
- “SP do they look like lions to you?” Uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes and no.
- “I’ve definitely never seen anything like it.” Kion said it not me.
- Ah Fuli actually looks really cute . . . I ship her with Kion even harder now.
- Can we please not have Timon and Pumbaa here? Please? They’re not as bad as Bunga but they are making me regret that he’s not the most annoying element here. And that’s not a good thing.
- Mtoto’s Mom? Does she not have a name or something? What the heck? Most of the animals end up with names, even minor ones. Janja’s cronies have names so why not Mtoto’s mum. There are literally thousands of African based names to chose from, chose something. I’M CALLING OUT YOUR BULL LION GUARD!
- Oh know, Makini, this not your fault but clearly something is up with those flowers. Sweet babe is going to get in trouble for not knowing better. :c
- Oh my lord, I think I found best face. Mtoto’s mom has the best “I am so done right now.” Bless her heart.
- “I’ll find my lines eventually.” Your all flipping screwed.
- Okay this brings up a good point: why didn’t they start practice and rehearsal a few weeks prior? Why would you start practice and rehersals the day of? I understand making the costumes, applying ceremonial paint and tidying up the area could be left for the day of. But rehersals and practicing lines? As they shown nobody has them down and they’re on a time limit. Not to mention if the guard are needed for a emergency (you know with Scar being back and plotting and it being the dry season, the most hazardous time of the year) wouldn’t it make sense to break it up over a few weeks instead of a day. THAT’S TWO STRIKES LION GUARD!
- Oh that night time scene is pretty.
- Oh a song. .  .please don’t be painful.
- Dang Fuli you got some pipes. SING IT GIRL!
- Oh that song was really nice. Like actually real good I don’t even have any complaints. Good job.
- Oh bees. I assumed that the flowers would cause rashes or an itch but nope bees. I should have seen that coming from earlier but its a nice surprise. Again good job.
- Oh it’s the pollen. . . not the flowers themselves being some special species . . .kids show, okay.
- Love Fuli she really isgreat.
- Oh blasting the paint with sand and dirt. Again clever. :3
- O my lord I know its suppose to be serious but Mtoto’s mom knocking down trees left and right as she runs made me laugh. I don’t know why but it did. XD
-  . . .well at least Bunga was useful.
- Oh fly up the trunk and sting them. Dang that’s really scary actually. They had every right to be freaked. I would be and I’m not scared of bees.
- Ah starting a new tradition. Hopefully next year they’ll opt out of making the guard look like lions. You know, embrace diversity while acknowledging tradition. Best of both worlds.
Closing thoughts: Well, that was an episode. There were a lot of great moments in it, like the song and Makini and the lore building. But there were certainly bad things about it, especially Timon and Pumbaa. So its not like the rest of the episodes I’ve seen thus far but if we’re going to have a “bad episode” this season, I hope its this one. And who knows, we’ll have to see what the next episode looks like.
Next up: The Bite of Kenge, oh sounds interesting.


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